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 The notion behind my change of name from Real Price to "GRENADE" Firstly I want to tell you that I don't just sing songs to entertain, but to pass a message, and my upcoming December first and tenths 2022 will not be different, it's a true life story that touches imaginary hearts, though coined with melodies, but crowned with stain, what an assertion? It's all about the notion behind the musical messages from a sixteen years old upcoming Nigerian HIP POP artist by the new name "GRENADE" formerly known as Real Prince, in this interview GRENADE said his first stage name was as a result of tittle of a Prince which anyone can Bare, That he will love his fans and the world to imagine and think out the reason why he decided to now be known as GRENADE. You can remember in the year 2020 while the world was going through the dreaded deadly disease called CORONAVIRUS the young lead with his siblings were busy creating vibes like Easy Life and Boyz ft. Star Que



I don’t know if you need to hear this, but your lips deserve the same amount of attention & care as your skin. Unless it’s the fall season, we forget to take care of our lips! But hey, the winter is already here, and a lip balm alone can’t take care of chapped and dry lips. Similar to your skin and hair care routine, you need to include some simple steps in building up a natural lip care routine for chapped and dry lips. However, during the fall season, our lips tend to look arid land than quenched bliss. 

For a softer and smoother pout, all you need to do is invest in a lip care routine immediately and team Earth Rhythm is here to help you to tweak and pamper your lips. It’s time you invest in a little extra TLC for lips during the season of chill. So, shall we begin? 

Why Are My Lips So Dry? 

Before we deep dive into the lip care routine, one should know the root causes of why lips get chapped and dry especially during the winter months. During this season, our lips become flaky and dry which makes even our lipsticks look dull and dry. 

Licking Your Lips: 

Did you just do that? Ahh, we all have the habit of licking our lips while reading or even thinking. But every time you lick your lips, you’re introducing saliva to your skin as there’s a chemical that helps to break down the food for digestion. And unfortunately, it tends to break the skin around our lips. Licking your lips not only dehydrates lips, but also worsens the chapping condition. Well, take a sip of water every time you feel the urge to lick your lips! 


Do you drink enough water so that your lips don’t feel dehydrated? Chapped and dry lips are common signs of dehydration and to solve this problem, you need to drink more water, indulge in more fruits, and cut down on your caffeine intake. We’re not putting you in a spot, but if you don’t, it’s a red flag! 


Smoking is indeed as bad for your lips as it’s for your health! Nicotine gets absorbed into the lips while inhaling the cigarette smoke that leads to pigmented lips. It’s better to cut down on your smoke if you don't want your lips to get darkened.


A Simple Lip Care Routine To Follow 

Since the season of giving and gifting is on, we thought of providing you with the best and simple lip care routine for chapped and dry lips. And now that the winter season is here, one must follow a lip care routine to keep their lips nourished and moisturized. 

# Cleanse

Clear away your lipstick, lip liner, or gloss as cleansing is essential before proceeding further. It helps in removing traces of lip makeup, pollution, or even tinted lip blam. Before hitting the bed, cleansing is essential for getting the most out of the lip care routine. 

Products Recommendation: Gel To Milk Cleanser- Pink Pomelo

# Exfoliate Your Lips

Image Source: Teen Times
Out with the old and in with the new, well it applies to your dead skin too! A lip scrub delivers instant results as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells and flaky skin. Simply take powdered sugar and mix it with a spoonful of honey and two drops of peppermint oil (or your fav facial oil). Well, hello natural lip plumper! Try and exfoliate every alternate day during the winter season to get rid of the dead skin. So, set the morning reminder and scrub away!
# Protect Your Lips

Lipstick dryness? Are you thinking about how to reduce visible lip lines or how to protect your lips from sun damage? It’s time to bring a lip serum home to wake up your lips enriched with Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Pomegranate Flower Extract. Protect your lips with a serum to lock in the moisture as the glossy texture will make them look juicy and plump.  

Product Recommendation: Jojoba Grapeseed & Pomegranate Lip Serum 

# Mask Your Pout

There’s nothing more indulgent and pampering than a boost of moisturization during the winter cold breeze. Before applying a lip balm, mask your lips to get plump and soft lips! Before hitting the bed, apply an adequate amount of Lip Mask as it helps in melting out stubborn dead skin cells while providing you abundant moisture. 

Product Recommendation: Lip Masque 

# Befriend Your Balm

Your last and final step in lip care routine is to moisturize them and make them look soft and nourished. Lip balm is formulated to prevent drying of lips and to moisturize due to environmental factors. The moisturizing butter and oils help to penetrate deep into the skin while healing them. It not only makes your lips look divine but makes them look super hydrating! 

Product Recommendation: Organic Lip Butter 

What do you do to protect your lips from the harsh winter breeze? And if you still don’t know how to get rid of flaky, dead, and chapped lips, drop us your queries and we’ll help you with the best solution for your lips. 


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