Story behind the name Change from Real Prince To.....

 The notion behind my change of name from Real Price to "GRENADE" Firstly I want to tell you that I don't just sing songs to entertain, but to pass a message, and my upcoming December first and tenths 2022 will not be different, it's a true life story that touches imaginary hearts, though coined with melodies, but crowned with stain, what an assertion? It's all about the notion behind the musical messages from a sixteen years old upcoming Nigerian HIP POP artist by the new name "GRENADE" formerly known as Real Prince, in this interview GRENADE said his first stage name was as a result of tittle of a Prince which anyone can Bare, That he will love his fans and the world to imagine and think out the reason why he decided to now be known as GRENADE. You can remember in the year 2020 while the world was going through the dreaded deadly disease called CORONAVIRUS the young lead with his siblings were busy creating vibes like Easy Life and Boyz ft. Star Que


 The method I am going to show you here is quite different, you must have heard of this before, but probably haven't taken action because you don't know if it actually works.

But First Let Me Make It Clear......

The Method I am Going to show you is NOT like any of the methods you have read HERE, but yet it is THE NO. 1 MONEY MAKING SECRET. (okay I Will Give You Income Proof at the End)

So What is This Secret Method??

Well, it is not a secret at all, but I choose to call it a secret because I see only a few use this method (correctly), and most don't seem to care.

Here is the No.1 Money Making Secret...


Well, read it again...

this may sound weird but it actually works (if you implement it the right way HINT: 90% of them are doing it the wrong way)

Look at one of the wealthiest men on earth...

John D. Rockefeller: American oil tycoon, philanthropist, and billionaire. Considered the wealthiest American of all time, he at the beginning, As a bookkeeper making ends meet, donated about 6% of his income to charity, and by the time he was 20, 10%. His Net Worth Today is close to $400 - $600 Billion.

Bill Gates Has already donated $26 Billion to Charity.

But It Doesn't Necessarily have to be in money...

You can help people in many ways, money is just one way. You can do like what I did, "sharing your knowledge"

My Story/ Case Study ......

In the year 2020, I was looking for editors and publishers for my book all to no avail and I became frustrated but one day I was researching for internet legitimate businesses and I stumble on JVzoo, and my deeper study into it exposed me not only to be a self-published author but to also convert my imaginations into an Ebook in just 5MINUTE  through this link THE EBOOK SELF-PUBLISHER   Today my books are selling all over the world even beyond my expectation. And I believe thousands are also going through this frustration and other limitations in different areas of endeavor that prompted the setting up of Witty Global Blog, specifically to research for LEGITIMATE business information, links to our reader's community for FREE,  we are committed to furnishing our readers with LEGITIMATE MONEY making pieces of information. And as continued to help people to grow my commission in JVZOO began to increase.
See the Screenshot below...

Note the Sudden increase of commissions from the 21st of March onward.

What Actually Happened...

All the commissions generated from the above JVZOO account came from just ONE Youtube video, after 14 April (after posting the helping video and link that went viral (got more readers and partners) per day, which translated into more commissions.

Can You See The Connection here...

I believe there is a strong link between me posting that threat and getting a sudden increase in commissions. I have also seen whenever I give in charity I get it back in multiples.


If you want to earn more money you should help people (in any way possible). It doesn't matter if you do CPA, Affiliate marketing Adsense, T SHirt, Ecom, Or Whatever if you want an improvement in your earning give value to the world.

I said before that more than 90% of us do this wrong, so how to do it the right way...

Follow these 3 Steps

1) Intention: You should help someone solely for the sake of helping, DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN. Don't expect praises, favors, and not even a thank you, and if possible do it secretly and anonymously (so that only you know that you have helped someone)

2) What You Give: You should give something of value, don't give crappy things and if you give money give more, you get back what you give, so if you want more give more.

3) Kill Your Ego: Don't brag about what you have done, speak about how you have helped, keep it a secret.

So that's it,


So start taking action, give something in return, you can start from always searching and sharing information like this, post your [METHOD], share your knowledge, and give back to this wonderful community, and if you follow the above 3 rules it will work for you.

Don't worry about making a lot of money, worry (plan) about helping a lot of people. You will be rich.

IN JVZOO this is the present standings of my  Account. BALANCE,


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