Story behind the name Change from Real Prince To.....

 The notion behind my change of name from Real Price to "GRENADE" Firstly I want to tell you that I don't just sing songs to entertain, but to pass a message, and my upcoming December first and tenths 2022 will not be different, it's a true life story that touches imaginary hearts, though coined with melodies, but crowned with stain, what an assertion? It's all about the notion behind the musical messages from a sixteen years old upcoming Nigerian HIP POP artist by the new name "GRENADE" formerly known as Real Prince, in this interview GRENADE said his first stage name was as a result of tittle of a Prince which anyone can Bare, That he will love his fans and the world to imagine and think out the reason why he decided to now be known as GRENADE. You can remember in the year 2020 while the world was going through the dreaded deadly disease called CORONAVIRUS the young lead with his siblings were busy creating vibes like Easy Life and Boyz ft. Star Que

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