Brief Bio on the CEO of Witty Global Industries Worldwide.

 Witty Global is a limited liability company with it's international head quarter in Abuja Nigeria, the vision bearer of the company is a man that is gifted with the abilities of creativity, a devoted Christian, an author, a youth advocate, a seasoned entrepreneur a man who is committed to turning little dreams to business empires.

The chairman chief executive of Witty Global Industries Worldwide the mother company of Witty Global blog.
Witty Entrepreneur Radio, download our app @ play store (Witty Studio).
Witty Place.
The author of the Christian challenge Journal titled You Are Not A Christian ! be sure.
You can contact or visit us @
The father to the latest teenage upcoming artist by name Real Prince (Easy Life) vibes and the world youngest female music producer (Star Queen)
Our Chairman is no other person than (Dr.) Itoro Sunday Uwah.


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