Story behind the name Change from Real Prince To.....

 The notion behind my change of name from Real Price to "GRENADE"

Firstly I want to tell you that I don't just sing songs to entertain, but to pass a message, and my upcoming December first and tenths 2022 will not be different, it's a true life story that touches imaginary hearts, though coined with melodies, but crowned with stain, what an assertion?

It's all about the notion behind the musical messages from a sixteen years old upcoming Nigerian HIP POP artist by the new name "GRENADE" formerly known as Real Prince, in this interview GRENADE said his first stage name was as a result of tittle of a Prince which anyone can Bare, That he will love his fans and the world to imagine and think out the reason why he decided to now be known as GRENADE.

You can remember in the year 2020 while the world was going through the dreaded deadly disease called CORONAVIRUS the young lead with his siblings were busy creating vibes like Easy Life and Boyz ft. Star Queen By Kid Sparkle at his age of 13.

The story is that he is not just singing, but sending emotional messages and hope.


Interviewer: how are you Real Prince?

GRENADE: I'm fine sir, but my stage name is no longer Real Prince, but "GRENADE"

Interviewer: Wow! What a name, but why and when did you change your name to GRENADE?

GRENADE: I changed my name from Real Prince to GRENADE because the word prince is a title and real is just an adjective, though I'm a Prince, I shouldn't be the person to describe weather I'm a real or fake Prince, my qualities should describe my person, and moreover there are other Prince and Princesses that their qualities can also describe them as Real, I therefore understand that my stage name wasn't unique enough and I changed it on my upcoming December first 2022 and tenth vibes respectively.

Interviewer: You keep mentioning your name as stage name are they not coin from your real name? At-least you said you are a Prince, just like David using Davido as his stage name, I thought you are Grenade Prince or Prince Grenade?

GRENADE: Not at all, you can now see why it is necessary to change the name. 

Interviewer: Who is Grenade?

GRENADE: He is an upcoming artist.

Interviewer: Hahahaha, I mean briefly describe yourself, your real name and every other attributes and identity.

GRENADE: My name is Fortune Itoro Sunday a native of Ibiakpan No2 Otoro in Abak LGA of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, a first son to a father of four, an Abuja based upcoming HIP POP ARTIST awaiting a University administration and I think this should be enough for now?

Interviewer: Okay, but one last question, you have told me why you have decided to change the name, but you haven't told me why the choice of grenade, knowing fully aware that grenade is a weapon of mass destruction, does it means that you can destroy when you explode?

GRENADE: that is why if you listen to my songs even at my freestyle moments, I usually describe events with notion, it's even more and more reason why I'm sending my messages through VIBES, giving the opportunity to listen repeatedly and getting acquainted with the practical realities of life.

Interviewer: Though I promised not to continue with the interview as requested, but you just made mentioned of something as vast as practical realities of life, if I may ask in a very straightforward answer, what do you understand about practical realities of life considering your age?

GRENADE: You have just describe my name "Grenade" in this question, but let us continue this interview after you might have listened to my official release of my December first and tenth 2022 VIBES, which will be as my Christmas gift to everyone, watch out for my messages Titled REMEMBER ft. Killzone on first of December and PAIN on tenth respectively on Itunes, Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube music, Amazon music, Deezer, Napster, Music time,I heart radio, Media net, Vervelife, Gracenot Shazam, 7digital, KKbox, Anghami, Vandex music Spinlet, Claromusica, Zvooq, Jiosaavn, Q.sic, Kuack, Pandora, Boomplay music, Play network, Sound track, Joox, Net ease Cloud music, Snapchat, TikTok, Rosso, Thriller, Qobuz, Peloton music, Dougin, Ayoba, Hungama music, Tim music Touch tunes etc.


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