Super Secrete Revealed As Hakimi's Mother Explain Her Knowledge Of Son's Transfer Of Wealth To Her.

 Saida Mouh, the mother of PSG defender Achraf Hakimi, has finally reacted to the News of her son transferring all his assets to her.

Witty News recall that News broke on social media last week that Hakimi dribbled his ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, in their divorce process by putting all his fortune in his mother's name to deny the mother of his two kids a juicy divorce settlement.

Reacting to the News, Mrs Saida Mouh suggested nothing was wrong, even if her son's information about his property transfer to her was accurate. According to her, 24-year-old Hakimi wouldn't be able to get rid of his 36-year-old wife if he didn't take drastic steps.

"If he has taken any action to protect himself, I'm unaware of it," Morocco World News quoted Hakimi's mother.

"What's the problem if the News is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk]."


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